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Enter to Win $4000* off Plastic Surgery for you & a friend

weight loss contest

Have you and a friend recently lost a significant amount of weight either naturally or through bariatric surgery? Share each other’s story with us for a chance to win thousands of dollars off a body lift, breast lift, or other after weight loss surgery procedure.

Do you have a friend who has lost a significant amount of weight and would benefit from a body lift or other post-bariatric surgery procedures? If so, we’d like to help by offering a chance to save on After Weight Loss Surgery procedures.

Simply email explaining why your friend deserves the very best in post baratric surgery. If chosen, you and your friend will each receive $2000 towards surgical fees on post bariatric plastic surgery at COSMED*.

We’ll also award a $1000 gift certificate to one runner up and $500 for each 3rd & 4th place winner.*

We understand it takes a lot of hard work and a great deal of courage to become healthier and leaner. COSMED would be proud to join with you and your friends on the rest of your journey towards a healthy and renewed self-image.

Share your story before August 31, 2012 for a chance to win.

*Prize money is non-transferable & can only be used on surgical fees at CosMed Clinic for post bariatric surgery procedures.

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New Medical Tourism Lane at San Diego border makes Traveling to Tijuana easier for patients

Thanks to the new medical tourism lane at the Tijuana/San Diego border, traveling to the new VIDA Wellness & Beauty Institute in Tijuana, Mexico is even easier!

Anyone who has traveled across the San Diego / Tijuana border knows how backed up traffic can get. Fortunately, a new medical tourism lane is now available. The new lane is already saving patients coming to Mexico for plastic surgery hours in border wait time.

According to a recent article posted on the Angeles Health web site, “A van transporting medical tourists from Las Vegas was the first vehicle to go through the new medical tourism lane in a special inaugural run that was held at noon on April 29 2012. An employee with Mexicali’s tourism board stationed at the border crossing took away the orange cones in front of the designated lane when the van pulled up, and then opened a yellow gate to let the van pass. As the medical lane was empty, the van rushed past the bumper-to-bumper traffic stuck in the two regular lanes.

Towards the end of the special lane, the medical tourists waited approximately 20 minutes to be inspected by a U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent.
“Unbelievable,” said Walt Michaels, a 62-year old patient on board the first vehicle who was going back to Las Vegas after seeing an eye doctor in Mexicali. “We just saved ourselves three hours.” See the full story here.

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A look inside the new CosMed Plastic Surgery Center

Step inside the CosMed Plastic Surgery Center now located within the new VIDA wellness and beauty institute. The board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons of CosMed Plastic Surgery Center are dedicated to providing the most advanced plastic surgery techniques and services to improve your appearance. Learn more at or call Toll Free 1-877-235-1968

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