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What happens on the day of your surgery at VIDA Bariatrics?


Surgery room here at VIDA

Finally, the long wait is over, your surgery date has arrived. You may be feeling an overwhelming mix of emotions from excitement to down right anxiousness. But one thing is for sure; you are in the best hands possible with surgeons that truly care about you. As part of the process leading up to your surgery day we will make sure to communicate with you, answering all your questions in order to prepare you both physically as well as mentally.

Lets now take a quick look at what goes on the day of your surgery. You will arrive at our facility and be asked to change into a cap and gown. We will then go over any remaining questions and concerns regarding the logistics as well as after care. Pre-op prepping takes about twenty to thirty minutes and the surgery itself takes an average of an hour to an hour and a half. The method that we utilize is laparoscopic in which a 0.5–1.5 cm incision is made for 99% of the patients. We say this because there is a 1% chance of having to make a larger incision if the patient’s liver is too large, this happens if the person does not shrink their liver through a diet given to them prior to surgery. During surgery CO2 gas is used in order to expand the stomach, this is why some patients experience shoulder and upper back discomfort, which is completely normal.

On average people return to work 3-7 days after surgery, this is also dependent on the nature of your job (desk job or high movement). Your recovery diet can be split into 2 stages consisting of 10 days per stage. During the first 10 days patients can only have clear liquid foods such as Gatorade, tea, gelatin, and broth. Stage two starts on day 11 were non-clear foods such as yogurt, puree, applesauce, and cooked blended vegetables can be consumed. Three weeks post op a patient may begin testing with salts and gradually build to solids that are easy to chew like salmon, chicken legs, and meat fillets.

For more information about bariatric surgery, or to find out which weight loss surgeryis right for you, please contact VIDA Bariatrics.

Dr. Miguel Alessandrini

Dr. Miguel Alessandrini of VIDA Bariatrics

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After-Care Draws Americans to Cross International Borders to Obtain Health Care

Medical Tourism

It's not only the affordable medical treatment that is causing the increasing trend in medical tourism, but the treatment patients receive after their surgeries.

Medical Tourism on the Rise

As more Americans are losing health insurance, the trend to travel out of the country for affordable medical procedures is increasing. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, more than 46 million Americans are currently uninsured, making the medical procedures that are performed at a fraction of the cost in other countries more attractive.

“Medical tourism”, better-known as traveling across international borders to obtain health care, offers a variety of procedures, from dental work to cosmetic surgery, at a fraction of the cost that an individual would be charged in the United States. But, it’s not only the cost that is attracting Americans to travel to other countries such as Mexico and India to get these procedures performed; it is the after-care they are receiving.

“Rather than dreading coming to Tijuana for surgery, people are looking forward to a luxurious experience,” said Dr. Alejandro Quiroz, M.D. Chief Surgeon and founder of CosMed Clinic in Mexico. “Patients stay in nice hotels, receive personalized care, are given meals and when they leave they tell us that it feels like they are leaving a spa, rather than a medical clinic.”

Less than 20 minutes from the United States border, facilities like CosMed Clinic, located in Tijuana, Mexico, are becoming more popular and sources are predicting medical tourism to be a $100 billion industry by 2012.  While some are skeptical of traveling to another country to get a medical procedure performed, others are extremely confident in trusting the board certified surgeons to their health.

“After traveling to Tijuana for my reconstructive surgery and experiencing the treatment I received, I won’t get health care in the states again,” said Marika, a CosMed Clinic patient. “My doctor was readily available to me, always answering my questions and I walked away feeling amazing and completely satisfied with my experience.”

For more information about the health procedure aftercare in other countries, visit

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