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Top 7 Myths about Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

nose-eyes-640x511Rhinoplasty or more commonly referred to as “nose job” is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures of today. Actually, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgery it is the second most popular procedures, with breast augmentation taking the first place. It seems like everyone else is getting their nose “done” but you shouldn’t jump right in without first doing your research. Like any other cosmetic surgery choosing the right experienced board certified plastic surgeon is key to reaching your ideal aesthetic goals.

Many myths surrounding Rhinoplasty have come up over the years, but we are here to set them straight! Here are the top 7 myths about Rhinoplasty:

1. It’s “just” a nose job

Many people think that because the procedure in itself only takes about 1-2 hours it is a simple procedure but in fact it is one the most challenging operations in all of plastic surgery. Not only because of the surgical expertise that is required but the artistic elements that come into play. It is all about proportions; solely removing a dorsal hump can make your tip look droopy or creating an extremely small nose that is not proportionate to the size of your face may look unnatural.

2. I will get horrible bruising

I’m sure we have all seen those pictures of people with black eyes after their rhinoplasty. Although some bruising is only natural, it all depends on the individual. Some people will need to have their nose fractured (broken) before surgery while others will only need a tip raise. Also some people just bruise more easily than others. The delicacy in which the doctor performs the surgery also plays into the amount of bruising patient’s experience.

3. It is extremely painful

You would think patients experience a lot of pain after rhinoplasty given the nature of the surgery but as a matter fact they don’t! Most patients experience discomfort rather than pain. After the anesthesia has subsided you may experience some degree of pain but this can be relieved through pain medicines. But most of the time patients say it feels similar to a cold because there nose is congested and they may have a sore throat due to the breathing tube placed down their throat during surgery.

4. I want my nose to look like that celebrities nose

One size fits all does not apply to noses. Just because it looks good on a person does not mean it will necessarily look good or natural on you. Having realistic expectations is instrumental to achieving a natural and beautiful nose.

5. Rhinoplasty will definitely be covered by my insurance

Most of the time insurance providers do not cover a rhinoplasty since they are mostly performed for cosmetic reasons. However, sometimes patients opt for a nose job because of functional issues such as problems breathing from a deviated septum, in which case insurance may cover the procedure.

6. Any plastic surgeon is qualified to perform a Rhinoplasty

Just like all plastic surgeons attended medical school and have their degrees, they all have a specialty. Meaning they perform certain types of surgeries more than others and are specialized in that type of procedure. Since rhinoplasty is such a complex procedure you should make sure your plastic surgeon has performed a large amount of plastic surgeries. This assures that they have a deep knowledge base on the aesthetic and functional components a Rhinoplasty requires.

7. The Downtime is way too long

A major concern for many people with busy schedules is surgery downtime. Rhinoplasty downtime is actually quite short. People usually return to work after two weeks and some after just one week, because they don’t mind going to work with bandages. About 80% of the swelling is gone 21 days after surgery. Strenuous exercise can be resumed 3-4 weeks following your surgery and driving usually up to 7 days after surgery.

Dr. Fuentes brings 20 years of experience providing cosmetic medical services and dedicates much of his practice to Rhinoplasties.

Dr. Fuentes brings 20 years of experience providing cosmetic medical services and dedicates much of his practice to Rhinoplasties.





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Here’s your First Look at the Winners of our Weight Loss Success Story Contest!

Its been quite a journey for these three weight loss success stories! All have struggled with their weight, many faced friends and even doctors who were unsympathetic and unsupportive.  One woman was called “fat and lazy” by doctors while another was called “glazed ham” by her teammates.

Fortunately, all of these women have an incredible support system of family and friends who have encouraged them to keep trying. Combine that with their own determination to keep researching the best diets, exercise and weight loss solutions available, all of these women have succeeded in losing more than 100 pounds each! As a result, they all have stories, advice and inspiration to share! Whether its our 2nd place winner who went on to get a full athletic scholarship to our Runner up who weighed in at 430 pounds before deciding to “dance the fat away” with the help of her closest friends, we are excited to introduce and share the journeys of these amazing women with you.

Weight loss Success Story

By the time a doctor finally discovered she had a Thyroid disease, Melanie weighed 366 lbs (although possibly more, because she refused to get on a scale).

The COSMED  Plastic Surgery Center  and VIDA Wellness and Beauty Institute are honored to introduce the Winners of our Weight Loss Success Story Contest!

1st Place: Meet Melanie

You may recognize Melanie from her guest blog post or as a COSMED Facebook friend. She has been an inspiration to many as she struggled to lose weight more than 100 pounds.

Her battle with weight started with PCOS (a disease that effects women- not being able to conceive, irregular periods, as well as weight gain, and hair loss). Because of this disease, her weight crept up, and she became increasingly more tired. She struggled to keep her weight down, without much success.

She spent many years and shed many tears going to doctor after doctor to seek help. But after she was told by a doctor that she was “fat, lazy and just needing to walk”, she stopped wanting to go to the doctors. Her condition worsened.

After 8 years, a doctor finally discovered she had a Thyroid disease, called Grave’s disease. Within days, Melanie had radiation on her thyroid and began medication. By this point her weight was 366 lbs (possibly more, because she refused to get on a scale).

Although she was active with her kids and ate well, weight loss was still difficult. She began researching gastric bypass, Lap-Band and other weight loss surgery options. Her insurance company said it would to take up to 2 years to get approved. That’s when she started researching doctors in Mexico.

Her family was nervous for her to go to Mexico for the surgery, but she was determined about having the surgery. She wanted to be around for her kids and knew that depended on losing the weight. She ultimately had Lap-Band weight loss surgery with Dr. Gonzalez of the VIDA Wellness & Beauty Institute.

Weight Loss Success

After Lap-Band and a Breast Reduction in Mexico, Melanie was able to do something she had always wanted to do, go RUNNING! Then she rode her bike 25 Miles!

“At first she could only walk one house, and back before she would get tired,” explained her husband, Marco. “But then she went two houses, then four houses… then she had her surgery. Everything went well, but her eating was a shock-physically as well as mentally. She had to be on a liquid diet for 21 days. But she was determined to succeed. She was back to walking… soon she was dropping weight and walking one block turned into walking a mile, then two. Soon you could see the change in her, she joined a gym and started working out almost every day, and her weight dropped by 100 lbs! “

Next, Melanie decided to get a breast reduction to help her with pain, and migraines. She opted to have the surgery with Dr. Quiroz of COSMED Plastic Surgery Center. “Now she is doing things that she has always wanted to do… like RUNNING! ” said her husband. “She also rode her bike 25 MILES!  She has recently told me that she wants to get her body lift, and run a half-marathon. That is her goal. ”

Melanie’s husband went on to say that “She encourages people to keep working out, and eating healthy and continuing research to help herself and her family live life to its fullest. She will talk to anyone about her weight loss, and her struggles. She makes me want to be better too. She has helped me to lose 18 lbs. Encouraging me to eat healthier, and cooking some amazing meals.  She is an amazing woman,mother,and most of all -friend.”

Stay tuned as we continue to share Melanie’s journey

2nd Place: Meet Amanda

Weight Loss Success


The following is Amanda’s story, as told by her mother:

Amanda is what the old adage refers to as “good on paper.”  She is driven, ambitious, smart, athletic as well as a devoted family member, dedicated community volunteer and compassionate citizen.  To those who do not know her as I do, Amanda may seem to have it all.  While she has worked very hard for everything she has accomplished, there is one area of her life where hard work has proven somewhat futile: her body.”

Growing up, Amanda was always the “big girl.”  I tried very hard to convince her that being tall with a bigger frame was an attribute not a curse.  An athlete all of her life I emphasized exercise over dieting because I wanted her to place her health above a number on a scale.  In the year between ages 10 and 11, Amanda went from a flat-chested tomboy to carrying around DD sized breasts.  Media flaunted women with big breasts, as being beautiful had no effect on Amanda.  Because her breasts grew so rapidly, they were covered in deep purple stretch marks and caused her to wear several sports bras and uncomfortable minimize bras at all times.  The large breasts made her feel even larger and out of place.  As a 5’10 busty sixth-grader, Amanda became fodder for bullies.  Most damaging was her father.  My husband has an irrational fear of having “fat” kids.  When Amanda was 7, my husband forced her to run to lose weight, punished her with exercise, and made her feel guilty about eating.  Facing constant ridicule from her father only perpetuated her self-loathing, which lead to years of slow, yet steady weight gain.

weight loss help

Amanda received a full athletic scholarship to play softball in college. Despite all of this, Amanda continued to gain weight. She was teased and berated by her coaches, teammates, and male athletes on campus who called her “Amazon Amanda” and a “glazed ham” when she sweat while working out.

Amanda received a full athletic scholarship to play softball in college, her commitment included daily practice, weight lifting, conditioning, tournaments every weekend, and a diet plan.  Despite all of this, Amanda continued to gain weight.  She was teased and berated by her coaches, teammates, and male athletes on campus who called her “Amazon Amanda” and a “glazed ham” when she sweat while working out.  As a pitcher, every spectator was always watching her at her games.  This attention made her feel even more self-conscious as ESPN has only highlighted players that are thin and petite.  Because she did not fit this description, Amanda was called a “dyke” or thought of as mannish.

In an effort to quell these insults, she counted calories, kept a food journal, worked with a nutritionist, and consulted with doctors.  She underwent metabolic testing, took prescription diet pills, and had her thyroid checked every six months hoping to hear it was sluggish—desperate to find a cause of her weight problems.  Unable to find a reason or solution and weighing over 240 lbs, Amanda decided to research the Lap-Band in an effort to stop the inevitable future weight gain.  Amanda was not unrealistic about the Lap-Band.  In the three years after the surgery, her weight loss has been slow, but she has done it the “right way.”  I am so proud of her long lasting commitment to a healthier lifestyle.  Even though her softball career over, Amanda exercises daily and has completely revamped her eating habits.  She eats cleanly, organically, and avoids foods that compromise her progress.  She does not use her band as a crutch, but rather as a tool to curb her cravings for large portions and constant grazing.

Two years after working with the Lap-Band, and a loss of 50 pounds, Amanda had a breast reduction surgery with Dr. Quiroz that would change her forever.  From the instant she awoke after the surgery, Amanda has had more confidence than I could have imagined.  She still has some problem areas that were caused by her weight gain and subsequent loss, but the breast reduction made her really feel like her hard work was paying off.  Plastic surgery has a way of fixing the past and forgiving your sins, so to speak, when you have made a long-term commitment of maintaining a healthy body.  My daughter has made this commitment and I would love for her body to reflect how she feels and how far she has come in her journey.

weight loss sucess

Recent photo of Amanda after Lap-Band and her breast reduction surgery.

Amanda is in her last year of law school in Oregon.  Law school, like medical school, is one of the toughest endeavors a person can go through mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Law students have high rates of addiction and obesity.  Spending hours in the library, under constant pressure, really affects the minds and bodies of law students.  Given Amanda’s history of weight problems, she was worried that law school may derail her progress on her body.  Amanda broke the status quo.  She continued to exercise, eat right, and lose weight.  This demonstrates her commitment to her long-term health goals.

Many people believe that lawyers live decadent lives like those of lawyers in movies and on television.  Realistically, this is a very small portion of the legal population.  I am proud to say that Amanda will be going into public interest law, helping those who are poor, uneducated, and defenseless.  This past summer she worked, for free, for a child advocacy group in the low-income areas of Portland.  While this kind of work is emotionally enriching, attorneys in this area of the law are often paid less than schoolteachers.  As Amanda’s student loans top $200,000, most of her small income will be paid towards the federal government.  With the cost of plastic surgery often being prohibitive, I know that any surgical improvements on Amanda’s body may not happen until it’s “too late.”  At 25, she has the chance to redefine herself before life and age takes its toll.  Because of Amanda’s emotional history tied to her weight, her hard work on her journey to a long-lasting healthy life, and her future as low-paid advocate for others, I believe that Amanda deserves a little help in achieving a body that reflects what an amazing person she is.

Runner Up: Meet Megan

weight loss success story

Throughout middle school and high school Megan reached her ultimate height and weight…6’1”, 430 pounds. Finally, in her twenties, she proclaimed that she had a plan to lose the weight. With the support of her friends, she decided to dance the fat away. It took over two and a half years, but she shed 130 pounds by rocking it on the dance floor!

The following is Megan’s story, as told by her mother:

At age three, Megan was the size of a 6-year-old and she looked like one of those adorable Cabbage Patch Kid dolls. In elementary school her exceptional height and weight caused her to be mistaken for a teacher. In middle school and high school she reached her ultimate height and weight…6’1”, 430 pounds. These statistics could have devastated most girls in the throes of becoming a young woman, but not Megan… she stood tall and mighty. She beamed with inner beauty. She developed an attitude of determination to be successful despite her size. Finally, in her twenties, she proclaimed that she had a plan to lose the weight.

With the support of her friends, she decided to dance the fat away. It took over two and a half years, but she shed 130 pounds by rocking it on the dance floor. Men started noticing her  beauty and she started to seriously date. Unfortunately, romance had its limitations.  Her weight loss was accompanied by lots of unsightly, excess skin that folded on top of itself. Although she mastered the art of camouflaging it, she knew she needed surgery to match her body image with her self-image. Megan became the third generation in our family to turn to COSMED Plastic Surgery Center. She used her savings to go to COSMED where Dr. Quiroz performed a major “tummy tuck”. He removed enough skin to cover a basketball, tightened muscles and lipo-sculpted her mid-section. For the first time in her life, Megan’s amazing body matched her sparkling personality.

Ironically, two months after the procedure, she got pregnant. She gained weight. Now she weighed 373 pounds. Megan knew that this time dancing was not going to do it. Bariatric surgery was the answer.

Megan now weighs 230 and continues to lose. At 30, she is an example of how the stereotypic fat kid mustered up determination to change her life’s course.  She eats healthy and exercises several times a week. The COSMED mid-section surgery has held up beautifully. But this weight loss has produced “bat-wings” and pendulous breasts. She is looking forward to continuing her journey with the help of COSMED and VIDA.


Thank you to everyone who submitted a weight loss story for our recent contest. With so many inspirational and moving stories, choosing the winners was a difficult task! We hope you will continue your journey with the help of friends, family and the COSMED and VIDA teams.

Stay tuned as we continue to follow all of our Weight Loss Success Stories as they take the next steps in  their transformations with the help of COSMED Plastic Surgery Center and VIDA Wellness & Beauty Institute.

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Which Chemical Peel is Right For You?

chemical peels

Mild chemical peeling also is popular with younger people. Some people in their 20s and 30s opt for a mild chemical peel to prevent signs of aging from appearing too early.

If you want to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, skin discoloration, a dull complexion or rough skin, your dermatologist may recommend a cosmetic procedure called a chemical peel. For this procedure, medical grade substances (derived from sugar cane, milk, tomato, aspirin) are applied on the skin, peeling away many visible signs of aging on the face, hands, neck, and chest. After the skin heals, fewer wrinkles, less discoloration, and improved texture may be seen. Chemical peeling also is popular with younger people. Some people in their 20s and 30s opt for a mild chemical peel to prevent signs of aging from appearing too early. Acne sufferers may find that chemical peeling helps keep their skin clear. Most of the peels performed are superficial or medium, well tolerated, and with little healing time.

What to Expect Before a Chemical Peel: Choosing The Appropriate Peel

A consultation is essential. Your dermatologist will take a complete medical history. Be sure to tell the dermatologist if you are prone to cold sores, have had a cosmetic procedure in the past, scar easily or have ever had a type of raised scar known as a keloid, took isotretinoin (a prescription medication used to treat severe acne) or pregnant. These can have a tremendous effect on what you see after a chemical peel.

After the consultation and a physical exam that includes a close look at your skin, the dermatologist will tell you if a chemical peel will help diminish the signs of aging that concern you and if a chemical peel is right for you. If a chemical peel is appropriate, one of our CosMed Signature peels will be recommended:

Peels from CosMed Plastic Surgery Center in Mexico

Signature Peels from CosMed Plastic Surgery Center in Mexico

Most medium and deep chemical peels require pre-peel skin care (oral and topical). Usually prescribed for 2 to 4 weeks before the peel, this skin-care plan helps the peel deliver the best results and reduce potential side effects.

What to Expect During a Chemical Peel

Superficial and medium-depth peels are performed in the office. A deep peel is performed in the operation room. General anesthesia (puts the patient to sleep) and monitoring equipment for the heart and lungs may be necessary only for deep peels.

Before applying the peel, the skin is prepped. Once the skin is ready, the dermatologist quickly and evenly applies the peel. As the peel works, the dermatologist watches the skin carefully so that the peel can be stopped and removed at the appropriate time. A tolerable stinging or burning sensation is normal and expected for a couple of minutes, which is ameliorated with air from a fan. After the peel, cool compresses or thermal water may be applied to help soothe the skin. These are usually not necessary for a superficial peel. A mild lotion or cream and sunscreen may be applied after a superficial or medium-depth peel to help soothe the skin, and then you are ready to go. You can restart your skin care regimen 5-10 days after the peel or as directed by the doctor.


Dr. de la Fuente

Dr. de la Fuente

CosMed’s dermatologist Dr. de la Fuente is a skin expert. He has presented and published scientific articles available at PubMed, Journal of the American Academy of Dermatolgy, Skin and Aging, Clinical and Experimental Dermatology and many more. He also serves as a Dermatology Professor at School of Medicine in Tijuana.

To learn more or schedule your appointment, visit

Click here for more non-surgical ways to rejuvenate your skin available at CosMed’s Medi-Spa

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New Medical Tourism Lane at San Diego border makes Traveling to Tijuana easier for patients

Thanks to the new medical tourism lane at the Tijuana/San Diego border, traveling to the new VIDA Wellness & Beauty Institute in Tijuana, Mexico is even easier!

Anyone who has traveled across the San Diego / Tijuana border knows how backed up traffic can get. Fortunately, a new medical tourism lane is now available. The new lane is already saving patients coming to Mexico for plastic surgery hours in border wait time.

According to a recent article posted on the Angeles Health web site, “A van transporting medical tourists from Las Vegas was the first vehicle to go through the new medical tourism lane in a special inaugural run that was held at noon on April 29 2012. An employee with Mexicali’s tourism board stationed at the border crossing took away the orange cones in front of the designated lane when the van pulled up, and then opened a yellow gate to let the van pass. As the medical lane was empty, the van rushed past the bumper-to-bumper traffic stuck in the two regular lanes.

Towards the end of the special lane, the medical tourists waited approximately 20 minutes to be inspected by a U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent.
“Unbelievable,” said Walt Michaels, a 62-year old patient on board the first vehicle who was going back to Las Vegas after seeing an eye doctor in Mexicali. “We just saved ourselves three hours.” See the full story here.

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Looking the Way You Feel – Plastic Surgery Patient Success Story

plastic surgery success storyDid you see COSMED’s patient featured in the Spring 2012 issue of New You magazine? She was featured as one of this month’s top 5 Inspired Patient success stories!

Here’s an except from the article. To see the original printed version, click here.

Roberta did her research, but the determining factor actually came from seeing results. “I went to a wedding of one of my former students. She, her mother and her grandmother had had the same doctor, Dr. Alejandro Quiroz, over a period of 20 years. They were thrilled with the results, and they all looked great. I was convinced and made the call”.

The results couldn’t have made her happier. “Every day someone tells me how good I look, or that I look younger by the day, or that I’m gorgeous. Now who wouldn’t want to hear that? That is so affirming,” she says. But even more important is that I feel good about myself.”

Roberta  had a Face lift, Neck lift, Brow lift, Dermal Abrasion, Fat Injection to Lips and Laser Resurfacing at COSMED Plastic Surgery Center in Mexico.

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A look inside the new CosMed Plastic Surgery Center

Step inside the CosMed Plastic Surgery Center now located within the new VIDA wellness and beauty institute. The board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons of CosMed Plastic Surgery Center are dedicated to providing the most advanced plastic surgery techniques and services to improve your appearance. Learn more at or call Toll Free 1-877-235-1968

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Plastic Surgery + Dermatology = Incredible Results in Anti-Aging, Facial Rejuvenation

plastic surgery mexico clinic

The new VIDA Wellness and Beauty Institute in Mexico includes a recovery boutique allowing patients to recover comfortably overnight under the supervision of a registered nurse.

There’s a new trend in anti-aging that is attracting women, and men alike, from all over the world to an internationally recognized Plastic-Aesthetic Surgery Center in Mexico. Located just minutes from San Diego in the upscale area of Tijuana,  board certified plastic surgeons are working hand-in-hand with experts in dermatology at the CosMed Plastic Surgery Center within the new VIDA Wellness and Beauty Institute. The collaboration is giving doctors the ability offer patients complete packages in facial rejuvenation.

This combination in expertise, all under one roof,  is producing incredible results. Plus, the new recovery boutique, which is also located within the VIDA wellness and beauty institute, allows patients to recover comfortably overnight under the supervision of a registered nurse.

Each Facial Rejuvenation “Package” at CosMed is customize to the patient’s individual needs. In the case of the following success story, the package included a Facelift, Neck lift, Brow Lift,  as well as dermabrasion and fraxel.

Patient Success Story:
The following story was submitted by a recent patient of CosMed Plastic Surgery Center at the VIDA Wellness and Beauty Institute.

face lift mexico

Integrated Medicine: Combining Plastic Surgery with Dermatology for a complete package in Facial Rejuvenation.

“For several years I have dreamed of getting a face lift and thought I would try to aim for my 60th birthday. I ‘m a Cosmetologist Instructor and work with beautiful young women and men every day. We are surrounded with mirrors, and being a woman, I’m always checking to see if I look OK. Many times I would just look away disappointed, thinking about how nice it would be if I just didn’t have all those wrinkles! Like every other women over 40, I too, have placed my hands on my face and pulled the skin back like a very tight ponytail and wished I could look younger. I’m very energetic and just wished I could look as young as I feel. Since I am single and really don’t have a lot of money, I thought it would never happen for me….only wealthy people can afford to get facelifts.

I started researching and discovered that one of my former students, her mother and her grandmother all had some form of plastic surgery done in Tijuana, Mexico at Cosmed Clinic over a period of 20 years. Dr Quiroz has beautified all three generations! Now that was a recommendation! PLUS, I was told I could get a 10% discount by just going to their Facebook page and clicking “like”. I knew after I counted all my pennies, I would have just enough to pay the full amount before the end of the month. I was so excited and decided to keep it a secret even from my family until the last minute.

I couldn’t resist the opportunity to see if I could actually do it for myself. Then after a short consultation on the phone, I decided I wanted to see the facility and meet the doctor face to face. Accompanied by my student’s mother, I was able to make an appointment and we made our short journey from San Diego into Tijuana. It was so easy to find the clinic and we were all set. I found the Doctor Alejandro Quiroz to be tremendously personable and easy to trust. And after talking with Joyce, I was convinced I had made the right decision. So we booked the date, not realizing the surprise that was ahead for me.

The months seemed to drag by, but finally September came and I took off work for 3 weeks. It just happened that after several years, a dream was also coming true for the doctors and staff at Cosmed Clinic. Their brand new state of the art facility was ready and they were moving in at last. So I was one of the very first people to have surgery and spend the night there. How exciting to see it all come together bit by bit and be a part of their success story too.

Returning to work was a bit scary since I was still quite swollen and out of sorts. I felt very self conscious and really didn’t want people to see me yet. But when I arrived at the school, I got nothing but encouragement and supportive comments. It was wonderful. Almost every day someone tells me how much better I look or that I look 20 years younger. People even say I’m gorgeous! Who doesn’t want to hear that??? Well, to be honest, I had a hard time getting used to my new look, but now after 8 weeks, I am starting to feel at home and happy with myself.
The first time my daughter saw me 3 weeks after surgery, she broke out crying and said, “I want the face of my beloved mother back!”…but happily, I can now report that the last time I saw her she told me I looked great!

The “before picture” is how I looked a couple of months ago when I first got up in the morning. I am rather good at putting on makeup, but WOW, now I can wear less and still look nice. Some of my good friends have told me that I just look so good…and after I tell them I had a facelift, they are surprised! They say I just look so refreshed and bright. So I’ve decided not to mention it and just take the compliments and say a big “thank you” under my breath for Dr. Quiroz and his staff for doing such a great job!

My dream finally came true 7 years later than I had hoped, but it is one of the most life-changing birthday presents I’ve ever received! You do the math and you be the judge! I think this is definitely a success story that needed to be told. Thank you for clicking “like.””


For more plastic surgery success stories, before and after photos, and information on how you can book your own appointment, visit

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